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Customer testimonials of Inhairit Products

Following are some of the testimonials from our customers.

I had a thinning hair problem. However as time progressed, I was diagnosed with alopecia. I came across Inhairit products and decided to give a try. I have since grown most of my hair back and have not experienced any side effects. I can truly say that these products have produced tangible results.

Jurldine Hicks, Ohio


I been using the Inhairit Solution now for about 8 months and find that it's one of the only products that trully lowers the number of hair falling out and has helped thicken and lenghten my hair. I've used numerous other products in the past and they have not worked for me near as well as the Inhairit Solution. I would defenitely recommend the Inhairit Solution to anyone wanting fuller, thicker hair. My wife uses it too.

Lance, Washington


I have tried other products to prevent my hair loss, but none of them worked. After using Inhairit, I am very satisfied. Inhairit is the only product that helped me to prevent my hair loss.

K. Jahan, Georgia


"I am 31 and recall my hair started thinning 2 years ago. Lately my scalp became very dry and itchy and I was losing more and more hair every day. My hair had split ends and felt very dry. I often wore a baseball cap to hide my thin hair. Three months ago I started to use the Inhairit hair loss product. I was told that hair loss product will work but it will take time. Now after 3 months my hair looks alive, the itching has totally gone and hair fall has reduced significantly."

Irene, Alaska


I've been so very pleased with the results from using the hair formula for last 9 months, and this is the only hair product I've used that hasn't been a waste of money. It really works! Thanks so much. 

Teresa, WA


"Wow! I must say I was skeptical but Inhairit really works! In no time not only did I notice a dramatic reduction in hair loss but my hair regrew as well. You have made me feel so much better and saved me so much worry! Thanks Inhairit! "

Elizabeth BC, Canada


"After comparing with other similar hair loss products I decided to try Inhairit. All I can say is well done Inhairit! You have managed to put together a great product at a great price! And it is so easy to use. I take it everywhere and have had amazing results. All my friends have been asking why I look so much younger & happier. I feel great! Thanks again! "

Raymond - CA, USA


"I contacted this company out of desperation after a damaging color and perm job from a salon which resulted in excessive hair loss for me. After an initial inquiry I ordered this product and was praying for this product to work for me though I had my doubts. To my great comfort and happiness in 2 months my hair is almost back to normal. It is a great product for male and female hair loss. Thanks Inhairit. "

Linda - Florida


"I am 29 and recently I started to lose excessive hair which worried me. One of my friends told about Inhairit and how it had worked for her hair loss. She told me to try it and I did. After 1 month of use my hair fall out has reduced from 40-50 hairs lost per day to about 20-30. "

Karen - Winnipeg


I have seen more success in just the month I've used it than in 3 months using other products which claim to do the same thing. I don't know if it's the fact that this is an all natural hair loss treatment or not, but all I do know is that this product really works.

Ross Hall, Los Angeles


I've had thinning hair for almost 5 years and have tried different products. Some worked a little but I wasn't happy with the results. In my search for new hair loss product, I found Inhairit. Inhairit has helped me regain my lost hair and feel like a confident woman again".

Kimberly, VA


I've had thinning hair and the early stages of male hair loss for almost 5 years and have tried different products. Then I came across Inhairit and tried it. After 3 months of use I only have 10-15 hair falling. It used to be over 50 before.

John - NJ


"I felt ashamed about my hair loss and falling hair, and often avoided social gatherings for fear of further embarrassment. Then I found Inhairit, and at first I was very skeptical. Finally I took a leap of faith, and started the Inhairit hair loss remedy, and since then my life has changed - no longer do I find myself missing engagements or making excuses."

Betty Anderson - Indiana


This product from the The Inhairit line of all natural hair care product is one of the best treatment I have come across. My hair feels very clean and full. I like the fact that these products contain only natural herbal ingredients and no chemicals are used. The product was shipped right away and received in just a few days. I recommend this product to both men and women.

S. Shannon
Coto De Caza, CA


"After about a month, my hair seems more voluminous and I find nearly no fallen hair after my shower."

B. Giovanni - Florence, Italy


Very satisfied with the product and the service. I'll surely be buying again from this seller.

Surrey, BC


This seller is great, and Im sorry i did not rate him right away I was on a trip. This seller responded to a million question before I bought his product A++ and a great product and on time.

New York, NY


Inhairit works to reduce the effects of DHT on the scalp, the major leading causes of female and male pattern baldness. Our DHT Blocker is non-systemic, with no side effects. Start your treatment today.

Before After
"I was surprised to see that within 3 weeks only the situation is already much better. I was quite desperate before finding your products"
-Mary, Japan

"Your product has given me hope again after all the times I've wasted money on so called "great products""
-Michael, Vancouver

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