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Trichotillomania Is Another Name For Hair Pulling
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You might wonder who on earth would want to pull out their own hair but in the case of Trichotillomania that is exactly what a patient would go on to do. Most people do not realize that they might have Trichotillomania until it is brought to their notice by people who are close to them and notice it. It is a psychological disorder and brings on the strong urge to go on and pull one’s hair.

Initially, when doctors first came across patients with Trichotillomania they thought it was a one in a hundred kind of case. But, more and more patients are coming forward to reveal that they have this intense feeling of pulling out clumps of their own hair.

A whole lot of research has gone into Trichotillomania and what was considered to be an emotional disorder has been proven wrong. The person who is afflicted by Trichotillomania has actually got a chemical imbalance in their brain that makes them do that. The affliction of Trichotillomania can affect one at any age and any gender. There are children as young as only one year who has been known to develop Trichotillomania.

The symptoms that indicate that the person has Trichotillomania are through pulling of their hair from the scalp, eyebrows and leaving bald patches behind. Hair is pulled out in clumps right from the roots. There are some people who are aware of this and do it consciously whereas others are oblivious to all of this.

The thing with Trichotillomania is that although the person might want to stop doing so they will not be able to without medical intervention. This then goes on to become a compulsive behavioral pattern that needs attention in order to be stopped.

There are other things that are linked with Trichotillomania such as depression, anxiety attacks or OCD. The thing with Trichotillomania is that it can be linked to genes and therefore hereditary in your family tree. It has a lot to do with the brain chemistry and the chemicals that are released in it.

The other effect of Trichotillomania is the self confidence of the person. It not only goes on to affect the way they look and feel about themselves but other facets of their personal and professional life as well. The other feeling that patients with Trichotillomania get is the inability to curb and control this desire to pull out their own hair. They might also go on to face social stigma as they won’t have many friends and this will result in a low self-image.

Therefore, Trichotillomania can affect several facets of one’s life without even one being aware of it. There are many different suggestions about why Trichotillomania could be caused and research is still on. However, one common thing that has emerged is repetitive behavioral patterns.  At times, a few people have the symptoms of noticing a tingling sensation in their scalp and skin before an attack of Trichotillomania.

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