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Holistic Treatments For Alopecia Areata
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Those that suffer from hair loss soon grow tired of trying all the different forms of treatment that the medical field has to offer. This doesn’t mean that they should not be attempted. It is important that there are no underlying medical factors that are causing the hair loss to begin with.

After this stage though hair loss sufferers begin to turn to more natural or holistic treatments for the problem. Besides they would prefer this treatment in any event to the chance of having to take medication that is based on chemicals.

When we talk about holistic treatments we are not just referring to some kind of treatment by way of medication. For example, stress is a well-known cause of hair loss. In the event that this is the main factor for the individual who is losing their hair then this is the area of treatment they need to focus on. Even if stress is not the major cause then it still needs to be kept at a minimum so as not to compound the problem. Some possibly feel that hypnotherapy and acupuncture are two very feasible and somewhat beneficial alternative treatments.

A very simple natural plant called Aloe Vera has been receiving some favorable attention in this respect as well. Aloe vera has been around for centuries and many people know of its healing properties.

Many hair product manufacturers will include aloe vera into their products because its qualities are so publicly known. Aloe Vera has the ability to reduce irritation and inflammation. It has also been used in creams and gels as a topical treatment to the hair follicles or the scalp in general. Some have ingested by means of pill form. It is believed that aloe vera has the duel ability to both suppress the immune system as well as stimulate it.

Aloe vera contains two properties that are suspected to stimulate hair growth and that are nitric oxide and super oxide dismutases.

There has been some interest in Melatonin as well. This is product by the body naturally. There is still much research being done in this areas though as there are some indications that it could speed up alopecia areata if it relates to being immune related.

Then from a holistic point of view. There is speculation that excessive heat treatment will give the same conditions, as a sunburn will. This is equated to producing the same environment that is found in a medical clinic perhaps that uses chemical irritants to inflammation forcing the promotion of hair growth.

They say there is not harm in trying holistic treatments and for the most part this may be true. One must also remember that there are things in nature that are just not meant for man and can have devastating effects.
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