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Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Universalis is the worst form of alpaca areata that anyone can suffer from. One of the reasons is because it affects all of the hair on the body and not just the scalp. This includes the eyebrows and eyelashes so one can see how it makes it devastating for the sufferer. When hair loss is just restricted to the scalp, at least some type of camouflage is possible such as wigs for example.

Scientists believe that the cause of this condition is an autoimmune disorder. It’s not a disease that just restricts itself to gender or age either as it afflicts both men and women.

There have been several treatments tried and emphasis has been put on drugs specifically to treat autoimmune disorders but nothing has been successful yet.

Alopecia Universalis comes on very quickly if it’s in an acute stage. Meaning that within a few weeks all of their hair is lost. There is a chronic form as well that may span out over two years and the hair loss is gradual during that period of time. Unfortunately, it’s not too often that this condition will correct itself. So it means that the sufferer remains in the chronic stage indefinitely. Needless to say, this is very traumatizing for those that suffer from it and it often leads to depression. There is some speculation that those who suffer from thyroid and or loss of skin pigmentation may be more prone to it.

Individuals suffering from alpaca universalis have to follow some precautionary measures because they don’t have the protective qualities that hair affords the average person. They have to be careful to wear head protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Glasses are advisable as the eyelashes are not there to protect the eyes. Even being exposed to airborne germs is more of an issue because the hair in the nostrils is not there to trap these from entering the nasal cavity.

Although as we have mentioned it is difficult to camouflage total hair loss there are a few steps that can be taken. To begin with, a good hair wig will go a long way in camouflaging the loss of hair on the scalp. In regards to the eyebrows permanent makeup could be a consideration. It is important that if you are going  this route that you have a professional makeup artist well experienced in this area.

Hair loss is devastating but ideally, if you can find some areas where there are support groups it will help just to be able to talk to others suffering from this same condition.

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