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Reverse Baldness And Get A Full Head Of Healthy Hair

If you are someone who is concerned about how your thinning hair looks for you, or its effect on your appearance and opportunities, there is good news for you.

Inhairit is specially formulated for men of ANY age suffering from male pattern baldness (Androgenic Alopecia) caused by DHT. Inhairit is an all-natural, Doctor-formulated anti-DHT blocker specifically formulated as a treatment for Male hair loss and available without a prescription.

How Does Inhairit Work?
By eliminating DHT, Inhairit counterattacks the effects of DHT on the hair follicles, energizes dormant hair roots and provides nutrients to hair roots needed for healthy hair growth. DHT is known to deteriorate hair follicle and is the biggest contributor to Male Pattern Baldness.

Inhairit also helps to clear clogged follicles and remove debris, sebum and material from the scalp, leaving a healthy balanced environment for hair to grow.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?
Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is a genetic condition that affects millions of men worldwide This condition, caused by aggravation of particular hormone byproducts, causes people to gradually lose their hair over time. In fact, Male Pattern Baldness is the leading cause of hair loss in over 94% of men.

DHT and Male Pattern Baldness
Some men have areas on the scalp that are very sensitive to the male sex hormones that circulate in men's blood. This is determined by genetics, passed down from either the maternal (mother) or paternal (father) genes.

Male hair loss starts with a genetic factor inherited from either parent coupled with other variables such as age. The stage of male pattern baldness begins with a signal to the hair follicle to start producing an enzyme known as ' 5-alpha reductase'. When this enzyme combines with the testosterone already present in the hair follicle, it produces Di-hydrostestosterone or DHT.

When exposed to DHT, these genetically sensitive hair follicles shrink and get weakened. When this happens, the active hair follicles in specific areas begin to change and become smaller and less active, shrinking slightly with each new hair regrowth cycle.

These hormones shrink the follicles from which the hair grows. Eventually, the follicles become so small that they cannot produce any hair. This effect of hormones creates pattern baldness. The follicles are still alive, but are no longer able to perform their task of holding and producing hair. This describes the stages of Male Pattern Baldness.

However, science has shown that a reduction of DHT in both the bloodstream and locally in the hair follicle significantly halts the progression of male pattern baldness since DHT can longer bind to the hair follicle and damage the follicle.

DHT blockers are used to effectively stop the effects of DHT on the hair follicle, and Inhairit's new technologies have allowed us to develop a much more effective male hair loss treatment that uses natural proven anti-DHT ingredients to prevent DHT deterioration on the follicles.

If the idea of thinning hair and pattern baldness makes you feel uncomfortable, look no further than Inhairit’s natural hair loss treatment, a strong and effective hair regrowth product.

Your Hair Loss Solution: Inhairit
Inhairit contains specific herbal ingredients that specifically stop the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, as well as removing buildup of DHT from the scalp.

Inhairit prevents hair loss by limiting the damaging effects of DHT in the hair follicles. By removing the free hormone DHT, hair is able to regenerate, follicles rebuild and strong, healthy new hair begins. Inhairit also helps develop stronger, thicker hair as well as new hair growth from old roots that have stopped producing hair.

         "After comparing with other similar hair loss products I decided to try Inhairit. All I can say is well done Inhairit! You have managed to put together a great product at a great price! And it is so easy to use.

I take it everywhere and have had amazing results. All my friends have been asking why I look so much younger & happier. I feel great! Thanks again! "

-Raymond - CA

Inhairit relies on more than 20 years of research and study into herbal DHT blockers and 5-alpha reductase binders. It is scientifically formulated to help reduce hair loss and improve hair growth:

      * All ingredients with absolutely no side effects
      * Immediately reduces levels of DHT in the follicles
      * Promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp and cleansing the scalp of         impurities
      * Non greasy and odorous
      * Organic sourced
      * Worldwide delivery

Inhairit is a topical Anti-DHT hair loss solution applied and massaged gently into the scalp once per day using the in-bottle applicator, in the thinning areas of the scalp. For best results, Inhairit should be applied at night, and then showered off in the morning.

Need help with product selection?
Just a single bottle of Inhairit lasts for 30 days and can be purchased individually or in bulk to save you money and qualify for free shipping. Our most popular order is the ‘3-month supply of topical solution with free shipping’.

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1-month supply of Topical Solution - $37.95
3-month supply of Topical Solution - $108.95 with free shipping
Ultimate hair loss combo : Topical Solution, vitamins, shampoo, conditioner - $105.95
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"I was surprised to see that within 3 weeks only the situation is already much better. I was quite desperate before finding your products"
-Mary, Japan

"Your product has given me hope again after all the times I've wasted money on so called "great products""
-Michael, Vancouver

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