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Information on Saw Palmetto - Is It Beneficial For Hair Loss?

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) is also gaining recognition for its ability to have some remarkable abilities when it comes to hair loss. Although there are lots of plants and herbs that are given credit for doing a variety of things, perhaps Saw Palmetto is one of the more substantial ones. If one questions as to why it would work on the hair when it seems that it is more potent in treating prostate problems, there may be a simple answer to this. If you think about it both hair loss and the prostate are directly involved with the mechanism of the hormones of the body.

Another interesting fact is that there is no argument that when it comes to survival that the wild animal is the master of this. It would make sense then if they will feast on something then it must be good for them. We perhaps could learn a lesson from this.

Naturally just because an animal will eat something doesn't mean that it is fit for human consumption, but it raises the question could it have some valuable medicinal properties fit for human use? In the case of the Saw Palmetto white tail deer will eat the berries of this plant especially during a drought. Is this because there is nothing else to eat? Or could it be because of its effect on the optimization of the urinary tract which would be directly affected through drought?

After having taking a look at some basic and a few interesting facts about Saw Palmetto its worth taking a look at what it is comprised of. If one understands the makings of this herb then it is far easier to accept why it is beneficial for hair loss.

It has many combinations of substances but it primarily consists of 4 major compounds. You are going to be surprised to find out that some of these you have heard about often in the past although not likely in respect to Saw Palmetto.

Compound 1:  Saw Palmetto contains several fatty acids and some in fairly high concentration. Perhaps you have heard of oleic acid which is one of them along with several others.

Compound 2:  Plant Sterols which are similar to cholesterol in structure.

Compound 3:  Fatty acids that combine with an alcohol molecule producing free fatty alcohols.

Compound 4:  Monoglycerides which are fatty acids as well but single in nature.

The next thing is to understand that hair loss known as Androgenetic Alopecia has been shown to be caused by specific hormones called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is an androgen.

DHT is made from the testosterone found in the male hormone. Saw Palmetto contains a inhibitor known as 5-#945 which stops the testosterone from being converted into DHT.

This is putting it in very simple terms but it gives you a very clear indicator of why Saw Palmetto is such a crucial ingredient in any hair product that claims to reduce and restore hair loss.

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