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Information On Peppermint - The Hair Loss Connection

Finally an article about a herb that everyone understands. This may be true from a food staple point of view, however what many people don't realize is its medicinal benefits. It's quite likely that out of all the herbs and their medicinal qualities that peppermint is the most validated in its qualities.

There have been some very significant studies combining peppermint and spearmint in the treatment of hirsutism, which is in the same family of hair loss on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In respect to hair loss and hair restoration it can be considered as having a duel action. In the aspect of the hair loss it must be remembered with the androgenetic alopecia the DHT which is a hormone is the problem. It binds itself to the hair follicle and slowly kills it. Peppermint is known to increase circulation. So it stands to reason that the application of a high quality product that contains peppermint is going to help stimulate the circulation in the scalp.

Increased circulation means more nutrients to the hair follicle. In turn it is more difficult for the DHT to carry out its destruction. In addition to this the increased circulation is going to stimulate new growth which is going to help camouflage those areas that have suffered the loss.

Now the peppermint on its own is not going to be substantial to produce significant results. Mixed with the other herbs that are beneficial for male pattern baldness though does produce excellent results.

Again it’s most important to realize that every herb has its only qualities. In order to bring the best of them out its finding the right combination of the components that they each possess.

Another thing that must be noted about the peppermint is that it has natural astringent qualities to it. Therefore it may very help to inhibit the DHT from adhering to the follicle. The DHT is a waxy type substance with an oil base.

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