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As herbal treatments get introduced to the western world it becomes a slow process as to their being accepted as having true medicinal uses. Once they go beyond that hurdle though they soon increase in popularity quickly. This is exactly what happened with laminaria digitata or seaweed as it's commonly known or in other words kelp.

Although most often when this happens the attention of the benefits are focused on the concept that allowed it to become known. Kelp is really not a herb but because of its components it can easy be thought of as in the same category.

Seaweed (kelp) became quickly known as a cellulite treatment. It demands being looked at closer to see why it has been introduced into hair care products and what are the significant results.

So what does (kelp) seaweed have that could possibly be beneficial in the reduction of hair loss and hair restoration?

To begin with it is rich in polymers and both essential and non essential amino acids. The three main ones being proline, glycine and lycine. So then if seaweed holds true like the herbs where it has to have something in common with the body? Well its not about to disappoint you because all of its components are what is found in the skin and allows it its elasticity, moisture and optimum health.

Now to see the benefits from the hair's point of view lets look at what happens when hair loss occurs without being technical. Simply put DHT which is a body produced hormone destroys the hair shaft. It literally causes the shaft to shrivel up and the hair in that follicle dies and falls out. The follicle is too badly damaged to produce another hair. So the result leads to baldness.

Think of this though, the hair follicle has many of the same components as skin. So if seaweed has everything the skin needs to keep it healthy and give it its elasticity then it makes perfect sense that it is going to do the same thing for the follicle. So in other words it has just made the nasty deeds of the DHT all that much harder to perform.

Perhaps you are one of the many individuals that has tried products with seaweed in them and found no significant results in respect to your hair loss. Your first thought and rightly so is that it just doesn't work. Forming the thought may be right but the truth of the thought is not.

There are several reasons why the product may not have worked. First perhaps there was not enough of the seaweed in the product to be beneficial. Secondly it may not have been good quality kelp. Finally it may have been blended with the wrong ingredients.

You would be really doing yourself an injustice if you were to rule out all high quality products just because one didn't work.

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"I was surprised to see that within 3 weeks only the situation is already much better. I was quite desperate before finding your products"
-Mary, Japan

"Your product has given me hope again after all the times I've wasted money on so called "great products""
-Michael, Vancouver

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