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Information On Horsetail

Also known as field or common horsetail. As more individuals have begun to take an interest in natural medicines horsetail has begun to gain in popularity. It has become a known fact that many people are beginning to realize the hazards of the chemicals that are contained in much of our medicines, products and even foods.

In conjunction with this though people are also far more inquisitive and less trusting perhaps than they were in the past. Now for example it's not uncommon for us to question what the ingredients are that are contained in any product or food we are going to use either internally as well as externally.

This is a good thing because now it puts the responsibility on manufacturers to be accountable for what is in their products and the value of each ingredient.

So where does horsetail come into the picture as far as being beneficial to mankind?

To begin with the plant makes the Northern Hemisphere its home.

It's interesting to note that the herbs that have superior medicinal qualities for mankind usually are comprised of some of the same genetics or factors that the human body is. With horsetail it would appear to be the chromosomes.

As you may know our body has those famous chromosomes that determine if we are going to be male or female. The horsetail has 108 pairs of chromosomes. Humans have 46.

That is not all that horsetail has either here is a partial list of components that it contains that you will be familiar with...


These are what allows the horsetail to have medicinal purposes as being a diuretic.

It has been used for many things throughout the year in medicinal purposes. Today one of its primary uses is for treating kidney and bladder ailments such as urinary infections and even prostrate infections. For external purposes it has good healing properties for wounds and chill blains.

So where does this all fit in with hair restoration and hair loss?

If you have had the opportunity to research some of the other natural herbs that are used in superior hair loss products you may noted the similarities in many of them.

In respect to horsetail if you will recall the components that it contains are all part of what the human body requires to keep hair in its optimum condition such as the silicon and calcium for example.

Most of us who have had a desire for long healthy fingernails have attempted to increase our calcium intake to encourage the nail growth. Well it so happens that hair and nails have many of the same components as well. So it would seem that what’s good for the nails is good for the hair and vice versa.

Horsetail has long been reported as being used to strengthen nails. So it’s not that we are discovering something new, we are just renewing something old.

Another interesting factor about horsetail is its diuretic qualities when in comes to the prostrate. As we have mentioned with other herbs such as saw palmetto for example, the prostrate has a part in the male hormone testosterone. This is the culprit that gets converted to DHT and creates the male pattern hair loss ( and there is a similarity of this happening in women as well).

So in conclusion a hair product that contains herbs that have the qualities that we have outlined here supports their value and the reasoning of why they work.

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-Mary, Japan

"Your product has given me hope again after all the times I've wasted money on so called "great products""
-Michael, Vancouver

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