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Information On Cayenne

Cayenne is one of those potent natural medicines of nature. The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of cayenne is HOT. There is no thought of how in the world it could have any value when it comes to hair loss or restoration. It does in fact play a very significant part when it comes to androgenetic alopecia.

It’s important to understand what the components of the Cayenne does to the body to get a better understanding of how it works on the hair. It has a multitude of beneficial uses for the body, but for the purposes of the hair the three major ones would be that it is used as a treatment for psoriasis, it increases circulation and it’s a fat burner.

Lets take a closer look at how these relate to the hair.
Psoriasis: Is a skin condition that affects any part of the body including the scalp. It is accepted knowledge that the hair and skin have much in common. Therefore most often what is beneficial for the skin is also for the hair.

Increases circulation: The DHT that destroys the hair follicle is something that the body makes itself by messing around with the hormones in the body. By giving the hair an extra boost of nutrients through good circulation then it allows it to fight just a little bit harder against the damage the DHT is creating.

Fat Burner:
Based on speculation and using common sense the possibility exists because DHT forms a waxy substance around the hair follicle where the cayenne would be beneficial in breaking down that substance much in the same way it does in the body.

Cayenne on its own certainly would not be feasible to be used on the hair. Mixed with other herbs depending on their properties is what makes it a very powerful substance for the hair. In addition to this though the product it is being used in must be of the highest quality not only in its cayenne ingredients but the others as well. All of the herbs that are used in a good hair care products work together and support each other in their performance when it comes to hair loss and maintenance.

Whenever determining whether a herb or ingredient may be good for the hair just equate what it does for the body. There are specific parts of the body that are closely related to the same structure or components of the hair. By knowing these then it gives you more knowledge to be able to decipher what will work and what won't. This is more so for hair loss and hair problems.

Inhairit works to reduce the effects of DHT on the scalp. Our DHT Blocker is non-systemic, with no side effects. Start your treatment today.

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-Mary, Japan

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-Michael, Vancouver

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