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Information On Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba)- What Does It Do For Your Hair

It has to be realized that alopecia is considered to be in the dermatological field. It would make sense that positive results would be seen in hair growth with Eclipta Alba as it is successfully used to treat many skin ailments such as athlete's foot, eczema and dermatitis.

Preliminary studies have shown that Eclipta alba not only increases hair growth which means it would work in conjunction with reducing hair loss, but also has a direct effect on the color of the hair. These results are visual and are supportive of the findings of those who support the concept of its value for addressing hair problems.

In some applications, the Eclipta alba is mixed with a mineral oil and applied to the hair to stimulate the growth and restore it to a healthy looking condition. It has also been noted for its attributes in the prevention of graying. This would support its ability to retain the vibrancy of the color of any individual's hair.

The extraction of the Eclipta is often used in black hair dye as well as a medium for tattoos.

Eclipta Alba is not some new discovery. It has been used since ancient times for retaining the color and luster of the hair. It makes common sense that if the hair is healthy it's going to retain its luster. Therefore, it's obvious that Eclipta alba has the ingredients to keep the hair healthy.

Eclipta Alba is now becoming a most popular ingredient in high quality shampoos.

As mentioned studies are ongoing in respect to the effects of eclipta Alba. In one study, utilizing albino rats the results were not only significant but also exciting. Half of the rats were topically treated with Eclipta Alba and the control group with Minoxidil. In the early stages, the control group experienced significantly faster growth. However once the hair reached the anagenic phase with the Eclipta group there were a greater number of hair follicles compared to the Minoxidel group.

This supports the theory as well as past experience that although Minoxidel stimulates quick hair growth, natural products such as Eclipta produces more follicles which makes for better growth overall.

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