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Hair Styles For Fine Straight Hair
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Okay you can manage the straight hair and in fact, you really like it, but it’s the fine straight hair you are having trouble with. You and many other people have the same complaint.

To begin with, the type of haircut you have is critical. You most certainly need a hair stylist that is very astute at cutting this type of hair. You are probably thinking it would be easy to cut this type because there isn’t much to it. This type of hair texture shows scissor marks very easily that would be difficult to try to camouflage.

Once of the best type cuts you could opt for would be the layers with the short bangs left on the heavy size. What this does is creates the look of thicker hair even when we know its not.

Another consideration that must be made is the length. Ideally, shoulder length is as long as you want to go. You may want to ensure that you stay away from the razor cuts; they just make the hair look very messy and uneven.

When you have fine straight hair, it is important that you keep it healthy. You have no body, texture or curls to camouflage damaged hair such as split ends. You need to avoid the type of hairstyles that are going to demand a lot of use of the curling irons and blow driers. These have a natural tendency to damage almost any hair type. When it comes to fine hair, they can be unusually harsh.

If you have any type of wave to your hair at all then you will be able to a short-layered hairstyle that really pleases you. Short  hair always tends to look like it has more texture and body. If your hair is perfectly straight then consider a bob. Actually fine hair is perfect for this type of style. It seems to bring the best of the cut out.

It doesn’t matter what cut you go for or what style you end up with, it’s important that you know what type of products to use with your particular hair type. If you use products that are too harsh or for other hair types you will run into problems. In any event, it will be most difficult for you to manage your new style even though it’s the one best suited for you.

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