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Curly Hair Styles for Men
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There are many articles devoted to curly hair versus long straight hair, tight curls or sleek and straight. Whether you go with the long, lazy curls or the tight look or whether you avoid that altogether, most of those articles are for women. There aren’t too many articles written about curly hair for men.

Either way, no matter what sex you are talking about, curly hairstyles for men or women, curly hair has to be maintained properly to avoid the natural tendency of curly hair toward frizzing. It is surprising how little has to be done with naturally curly hair, to keep it looking soft, manageable and attractive to women, but it is also surprising how bad it looks if it is left alone so that it makes a bird’s nest look neat.

“Beat the frizz”, is the lesson of this article, and that applies to men as well as women. Many men with curly hair don’t properly maintain their naturally curly hair because of that rugged, outdated macho thinking that men don’t do maintenance on their hair or their skin.

Therefore, men, listen up, and, even if you want to do it in secret, it’s O.K., until you get used to it. The comments you will get, will surprise you, and then you take pride in your curly hair. The secret to keeping the frizzies away is the proper application of the conditioner. You have to coat the curly hair when it’s wet, so that it blocks out the humidity, and gives the hair more definition. The curls are more defined, and look better than just curls. The common mistake is to treat the hair when it’s dry, and when you do that, you are double drying the hair, and that makes it worse.

All you have to do is, when the hair is wet, take a good sized portion of de-frizzier enhancer, (there are many out there), and systematically work it through your damp hair with your fingers. Go slowly through each area until it is all worked in. You can use a defining pomade to the perimeter of the head, so that the curls are well defined and add shine when dry. This is especially recommended for coarse hair, because it needs all the moisture it can get.

Also, don’t wash curly hair every day, every two to three days is good. Use a moisturizing shampoo if you have coarse hair, and use a conditioner for ordinary curly hair. If your hair is fine, then you don’t have to do the last step, as it makes the hair look too oily, and the hair just lays there.

It’s all about keeping the hair properly conditioned, and being willing to accept advice on something you never gave a thought to before. Just follow the simple steps above for caring for your curly hair and you’ll be surprised - now that wasn’t so hard was it?

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