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Once you have decided that you are going for the short hairstyle, you will have a few decisions on your hands. To begin with, what length is your hair now?

If you have long hair you really need to give some serious thought as to whether you want to get your hair cut. Don’t make your decision hastily or in a moment of frustration. If there is just a little bit of doubt then experiment first.

Wear your hair up off your neck consistently for two or three days. If you find that you are adjusting to it quite nicely then you may be ready for the haircut. If on the other hand you are conscious of it quite a bit you may want to hold off on the cut for awhile.

Assuming you are ready for the cut then move slowly at least for the first cut. Go with a short medium, which is about ½ ways down the neck. This will give you the chance to make the adjustment of getting used to short.

There are some great styles for this length but makes sure you choose one that you will feel that you can handle yourself. Otherwise, you are going to be just as frustrated with this style as you were with the long hair.

Being as you are new to short hair, then you won’t be very familiar with the short hairstyles. Another decision you have to make as well is do you want a curly style or a straight one.

Once again, experiment a bit. Go with the straight but use a curling iron on occasion to give you the curly look. It’s far more temporary than a perm will be. If you really like it then most likely you will be happy with a perm.

Remember that most great short hairstyles are based on the type of cut that is performed. Ideally, you will want to choose a cut that you have some variation in choices of hairstyles. That way you are going to get tired of the same old hairdo, and start counting the days until it grows back in again.

Short hairstyles are fun and classy. With healthy hair and the proper cut and style for you, it will mean so much less time having to fuss with it.

Although short hairstyles for the most time are easily manageable, it’s important that you maintain healthy hair. It seems that short hairstyles with unhealthy hair such as dry hair or split ends are all that much more obvious.

The nice thing about the short cuts is often if you have limp hair, the cut will make it fuller and give it more body. Then if it seems that you have thick bushy hair, once again the right cut will thin it out.

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