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The magic of laser therapy is helpful in many conditions. It helps heal wounds after surgery more quickly. It helps keep the cells performing their functions properly. For the hair, laser hair loss therapy creates magic in bringing back the beauty of your hair. Let us discuss laser hair loss therapy in here and help you decide if this modern hair therapy is for you.

Before we move on, please note that if you are seeing strands of hair in your comb, or in the bathroom drainage, you do not need to worry. Hair shedding is part of the normal hair growth process: hair grows, and then growing goes into a resting phase than then the hair will shed. Growth will again start, then rest, then shed, and grow again. The cycle goes on and on.

The problem lies if your hair follicles do not perform this way. Causes, such as shrinking of the hair follicles or chemical damage in your hair, may cause hair loss.

Vitamin deficiency likewise causes hair loss, and stress is another enemy of the hair.

Now, where does laser hair loss therapy help?

Before that, please note that hair loss therapy will not be helpful if your hair follicles are already dead. Lasers do not resurrect dead hair follicles.

How Laser Hair Loss Therapy Work?
Laser hair loss therapy work at the roots. The laser light will stimulate cell metabolism. It will help hair roots to take in nutrients faster. It will eliminate waste products in the hair roots. Laser hair loss therapy will energize the hair roots and will induce proper function in the cells. After hair shedding, hair follicles will take in the necessary nutrients and hair growth will then become normal.

Laser hair loss therapy likewise helps to keep a normal blood circulation in the scalp hair follicles. It therefore strengthens the hair follicles. Hair will grow thicker and stronger.

Your hair professional may also advise laser hair loss therapy in combination with other hair loss treatments. This will optimize the action of your treatment and therefore help you grow your hair properly.

Is it safe to use laser hair loss therapy? Yes, laser hair loss therapy is safe for men, women and even children suffering from alopecia or hair loss. However, do not use laser hair loss therapy without the advice of your hair professional. They know what your hair needs and thus will advise only what is necessary.

If your hair loss problem is treatable by mere inhibition of DHT, then topical treatment using DHT blockers may be the only treatment you need. Checkout Inhairit, it is an all-natural DHT inhibitor that may help avoid hair loss.

You may not need laser hair loss therapy if you will be able to block the DHT action in your blood.

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