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Hair loss, balding and receding hairline: men who suffer from these conditions would need help. Knowing that there is a chance of hair restoration may reduce anxiety and depression that may rob men of their healthy and active lifestyle. Balding is dreadful for men especially for the younger population experiencing hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you may need to know the following hair restoration facts to help you avoid losing your self-confidence.

Hair Restoration Facts:
Hair restoration starts by analyzing your scalp. The doctor will check a donor area in your scalp, mostly the back and side of your head has healthy hair follicles that can be transplanted to the balding area.

Your hair restoration clinic specialist needs to discuss with you the procedure and your expectations. If your hair transplant specialist does not do this, you may think twice if you want to undergo the hair transplant under his care.

You need to know what you can expect from a hair surgery before undergoing one. This is to ensure that you will not be frustrated of the result.

It may also be worth noting that dead hair follicles will not grow anymore. Thus, the donor area needs to have healthy hair follicles that will induce hair regrowth once transplanted. If not, you will again have to suffer hair loss and your money is lost forever.

After the analysis of the hair follicles from the donor area, your hair specialist needs to implant the hair follicles artistically in the balding area. He needs proper care in implanting the hair to make sure that it will restore a natural look.

After the surgery, you may be advised medication or a check up to make sure that the result is what you desire after all.

Once done, you will need to make sure that you will take care of your new hair. This is to avoid another hair loss problem.

Proper hygiene to avoid dirt build up that may result to dandruff is necessary. Using mild shampoo is likewise helpful to keep your hair intact. Avoiding irritation from harsh chemicals may do well for your new hair growth.

Hair restoration systems are somewhat costly, but then again, it is a permanent solution for many. If you think you are responsible for the cause of your hair loss, taking care of your new set of hair is necessary. Proper care will make sure that the restored hair will be permanently healthy.

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-Mary, Japan

"Your product has given me hope again after all the times I've wasted money on so called "great products""
-Michael, Vancouver

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