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Most often it seems that women sort of get pushed to the back when it comes to hair loss. It is quite evident though that they suffer from hair loss much the same as men do. The causes and effects and looks may be different but it all comes down to the same thing being loss of hair. Men have one advantage in that they make better candidates for hair restoration.

Women don’t find much success in hair restoration because of the type of hair that is needed for the transplant. When transplants are performed, the hair being used is usually taken from other sections of the scalp. Men have the proper type hair that accepts transplanting well but women don’t.

When women start with losing hair it usually is noticeable through thinning. This occurs over the entire scalp whereas will men it is more immediate hair loss but only in specific sections. Being as the woman’s hair is affected in its entirety there is no good hair for the transplant. If this were not the hair, then the good hair would be called the donor hair but unfortunately, these areas are being attacked by DHT, which is the cause of the general hair loss. In other words, they are basically contaminated and are suffering from the same problem as the lost hair was.

One good aspect about hair loss in women is it doesn’t seem to affect the hair surround the face whereas in men frontal baldness is most often present. It should be remembered as well that hair transplants doesn’t do much for creating volume which is a big issue for women.

There are some women although very few that can achieve successful transplants. The percentage for this is very small though ranging from somewhere in-between 2-5%. These candidates are those who may have developed hair loss from a condition such as traction alpecia. Which means it wasn’t created by hormones. Then women who have lost their hair due to accidents for example and have had to have plastic surgery. They may be candidates for hair transplants close to the incision area, which would help to camouflage the injured area as well.

As you can see, there are some options for hair transplants in women but there are not too many. In cases where transplants are not feasible, the alternative is some really good wigs. In other cases, there may be some treatments both medically and naturally, that will help impede the hair loss by slowing it down.

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