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In our society, terms like hair replacement, scalp reduction and hair restoration are praised by doctors and advertisements, but they leave consumers befuddled. Yes, everyone knows these are surgical hair replacement procedures to attempt to reverse hair loss. But how do they work? How are these surgeries performed?

Hair Treatments vary. Some surgical procedures may take place in a surgeons office. Others may occur in a outpatient surgical center or a hospital. Just in case you feel alone, here are some questions that have been posed by many men just like yourself: Is it going to hurt? Will I be asleep through the procedure?

To answer these questions, we’ll be blunt. All types of surgery are uncomfortable. Some men experience extreme sensitivity and tenderness to their scalp, others experience minor discomfort.

There isn’t one specific side-effect that all men experience. Results vary from patient to patient. Fortunately, hair replacement procudes are usually performed with a local anesthesia as well as sedation. Patients rarely feel anything while the surgery is taking place.

Different Types of Surgical Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair Transplants:
This procedure is broken down into sessions to achieve final results. Patients generally seem satisfied with the outcome of these procedures, although there is a healing process which can take months between each session. Results do vary for men and women, and it may take up to two years to achieve a full and natural looking head of hair.

Tissue Expansion:
After the surgeon makes an incision, a tissue expander (balloon-like device) is inserted beneath the scalp beside a bald patch. Over the course of several weeks, the tissue expander inflates; causing the skin to expand and promote the growth of skin cells.

Once the skin has stretched enough, a surgeon will perform an additional procedure to relocate the expanded skin to cover the bald patch.

Scalp Reduction:
This technique is designed specifically for patients who require coverage at the top and back of their heads. Men who experience baldness and thinning to the front hairline will not benefit from this procedure as hair is replaced only at the back.

Final Results:
Unfortunately, with any hair replacement procedures, the results are rarely final and these treatments are very costly. As well, they may require a surgical touch-up procedure. This may take place once the incisions have healed. A surgeon may decide to fill a hairline or thinning patch by using grafts.

Inhairit hair loss treatment works to counteract the effects of DHT on the scalp - the leading cause of hair loss - and helps hair regrow. Our DHT Blocker is non-systemic, with no side effects, and works equally for men or women. Start your treatment today.

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