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African American Hair Styling Tips

Listed below are some hair care tips that should help out the African American woman that needs some extra help for her hair. The following tips may be incorporated in to your regular hair care routine, which will result in healthier hair.

1. A deep conditioning or various types of treatments with hot oil should be done once a month.

2. Mineral based products or even ones that contain petroleum are not beneficial for your hair. There is a tendency for them to clog the scalp pores as well as they set up barriers on your hair.

3. Plant based organic hair products are natural and are best for African American hair. For example, products containing Coconut Oil is great for the hair and some people recommend Argan Oil. Shea Butter is fast becoming and favorite and will act fast to keep your hair spft and manageable.

4. Keep washing hair to a bi-weekly basis only as our African American hair tends to dry out easily.

5. If you are a person who likes to exercise on a daily basis, remember that perspiring will cause salt to build up in your hair. This means that its really important that your rinse this out of your hair before applying a leave in conditioner. With your hair type, you can use this type of conditioner daily.

6. Make sure, that if you decide to relax the hair it must be bone straight. It must be remembered that relaxers will strip away any body and curl from your hair, resulting in needing the use of a curling iron to put back in some of the curl that you worked so hard to get rid of. The heat will cause a lot of damage to our natural curls.

Other hair care strategies for African American women who have difficulties with their hair are as follows:
A. Finding a good shampoo which is gentle on your hair without the harsher concentrated cleansers,

B. Use a low pH balanced conditioner.

C. Eating a diet that contains the proper nutrition, which will help your hair, grow strong and healthy.

Although there are many tips that will help you with some of the problems, you may be facing with your hair you have to feel comfortable in applying them. There are several measures that we have covered here that you can easily carry out at home. Then there are times that you really should consult a professional that specialized in African American hair.

All too often, hair stylists that really aren’t familiar with the type of texture of the African hair or the problems it can create, only do it more harm.

With a combination of good home hair care and following your stylists advice, you should be well on your way to some great hairstyles.

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